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There are myths and stigma about our mental health. For many, they may not resort to seeing a therapist, but rather, keep their "business" within the family or go to a priest, rabbi, or religious leader. In some cultures, the belief is that we don't let others know "our problems."  "What happens in this house, remains in this house." Going to therapy may be frowned upon by some, but yet, it is the solution to help rectify some of life's problems and challenges, whether be in a marriage, family, or within our own struggles in life. People are quick to run and see a doctor if they're not feeling well, but will avoid seeing a therapist and will try to be "strong" and get over their hardship. It is our goal to help demystify any misconceptions one may have in seeing a therapist.

Our goal is to have quick and positive results, yet, tailored to one's specific needs. After all, we do not come from a cookie cutter sheet and all are individualized. Quick results meaning 8-12 weeks. We have a progressive approach and will 1) identify the problem and get to know you,  2) come up with the most effective approach in tackling our problems, and 3) teach you the coping skills to better handle life's challenges. We will empower you, not enable you.

If you are having a psychiatric or medical emergency, please call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room. You can also reach the crisis number by calling 988.

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