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Lani Espinas, LMFT

CEO & Founder

I was trained in rendering brief and short term therapy since we all want quick results, as well as managed care. How do I do that? I am interactive with my clients and not just provide “talk therapy”, but rather, we will co-create a plan together to help you achieve positive results. I hold my clients accountable and will assign homework since I don’t believe coming in once a week for 45 minutes is sufficient to alter lifelong patterns. I will give you my input, impressions, and at times, challenge you when those defenses are up, and it may not be comfortable to talk about. In life,  when we’re faced with challenges, it only promotes  growth and strength. At the same time, I will give you the positive regard, reflective listening, and be your cheerleader. I will empower you, not enable you. I’ve been telling my clients since I was 24 years old, “You are the captain of your ship. I am right by your side as your navigator and ultimately, it’s up to you to reach your destination or sink your ship.”Therapy can be uncomfortable when we are asked to face some repressed memories. It is a journey that will aid us in living a more satisfying, happier, and enriching life. Growth is a lifelong process. I have much respect for those who are willing and courageous to achieve betterment in life.In my clinical practice since 1993, I use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and  Family Systems. Other orientations I pull upon are Gestalt, Motivational Interviewing, Solution Focused, and Behavioral Therapy. Why so many theories? We are not all the same, but rather unique. We do not come from a cookie cutter sheet.I have been treating child abuse since I began as a clinician. What one endures in their childhood, can have lifelong effects onto the individual. I started my career doing much family work in helping parents and their children/adolescents build healthy attachments. In addition, I have been treating substance use among adolescents and adults. Since 1993, I have experience treating depression, anxiety, substance use, marital discord,  divorce, family issues, child abuse, trauma, and LGBTQ+ population.I tell my prospective clients to “shop around” in finding the “right” therapist for them. As in life, we are drawn to certain people and may not connect with everyone, which is the same in finding the “right” therapist. Feeling understood and safe is vital in establishing the therapeutic alliance. I will keep it “real” with you and be directive and honest.When I was an adolescent, my goal was to own a corporate travel agency so I can explore the world. While in college, I took my first psychology class and for the first time in my life, I found myself getting good grades. I discovered a strong interest and passion in learning about human behavior. So I quickly changed my major to psychology. Reflecting back upon my childhood, I was always that observer and would people watch. While in graduate school, a high school friend told me, “Lani decided to go pro.” She knew that I was a mini therapist when a teenager. What also inspired me to be a clinician is that children often do not have a voice.  In some families, they believe, “Children are to be seen, not to be heard.” Thus, I wanted to be their voice to their parents and advocate. I’ve been fortunate to have traveled extensively around the world, which is a big passion of mine. I find it fascinating to learn about one’s culture, rituals, traditions, etc. Not only have I learned from my adventures overseas, but it has been my clients who have also taken me around the world to learn about their culture. We are all teachers to one another. The most rewarding aspect of my job has always been to see my clients grow and change.I’ve been in private practice since 1997.  I’ve trained and supervised interns working towards their license from 2001-2022, as a clinical supervisor and clinical director for numerous mental health companies. There hasn’t been a time in my career when I first was an intern in 1993 when I haven’t stopped working with clients. I continue to vision myself working with people as their clinician, even though I may be in a rocking chair. I look forward to knowing you and being by your side in your journey to healing and growth.

Individual Therapy- With all my clients, whether be an individual, couple, or family, I assign homework to them to keep therapy “alive” during the week and to think and practice what we are working on in session. I tell my clients that our sessions are the rehearsal and for them to execute the skills we learn in session in their “real life” out there. 

During the first appointment with all my clients, I conduct a psychosocial assessment to obtain their history, why they are seeking treatment, and define their treatment goals. I will hold my clients accountable and will follow up with them.


Couples Therapy- I highly encourage for both individuals to be present for our sessions so one does not feel I’m aligned with the one who’s been consistent. I will be proactive with you and keep it strength based. We will do exercises and role play in session.  Communication is a common issue for couples seeking treating. We will work on fulfilling each other’s needs/desires, or also known as Love Language. I will provide my input and not just listen. I tell my couples thatI’m not on anyone’s side, but if I agree with one person, the other one may feel I’m aligned with their partner. Listening is vital in being a therapist, but I think getting a professional’s opinions only facilitates one’s growth.​


Nancy Pereda, LCSW

Vice President

Hola! My name is Nancy Pereda, and I am a bilingual English/ Spanish licensed clinical social worker (LCSW). I have an extensive experience providing mental health services to the Latinx/ Hispanic community. Growing up in a pronominally Hispanic community not only did I witnessed the scarce of resources, but mental health did not exist. The reality was that so many of my peers were dealing with acculturation, assimilation, adjustment, language barriers, abuse, trauma, anxiety, bulling, and problems with their parents due to acculturation among other issues. Moreover, my peers did not talk about mental health due to the stigma rooted in the Latinx/ Hispanic values that comes with the belief that it is necessary to keep problems within the family. “Lo que pasa en la familia se queda en la familia” (“what happened in the family stays in the family”). Although in recent times we have seen an increase on mental health services among the Hispanic population I have noticed that mental health is still considered a sign of weakness, a taboo, and services for “locos”.  The Latinx culture is deep, layered and affects more life’s than we often realize. I aspire to break stigmas and to be a support to those in need of mental and emotional wellness. 
My goal with therapy is to build a therapeutic alliance with my client’s and assist them on their journey to recovery and personal growth. I understand that therapy can be a frightening experience, but I promise to provide a safe, open, and non-judgmental space.  I obtained my master’s degree in Social Work from California State University Dominguez Hills in the year 2013 and have been practicing mental health since then. My experience comes from working with various cultures, and backgrounds. I have worked with children, and teens with behavioral issues, and family conflicts.  I have also worked with children, teens, adults, and families struggling with trauma, grief, loss, depression, anxiety, life transitions and a variety of mental health diagnosis. In addition, I have experience working with psychiatric hospitals, group homes, probation, and foster youth. I strive to offer culturally sensitive approaches and techniques. I use a holistic approach with my client’s adding elements of cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, and family systems, among others. 
The greatest reward of being a therapist is being able to have an impact in the lives of clients and assist them in the route of living a healthier and happier life. I look forward to meeting you and starting this journey together.  

If you are having a psychiatric or medical emergency, please call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room. You can also call the Suicide/Crisis line at 988.



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